Interactive YouTube Search within Google Earth

Thanks to new features in Google Earth 5, we can now provide an interactive YouTube map search capability directly within Google Earth.  Simply specify your keywords and start browsing around the world for matching videos.  You can change your keywords at any time directly from your Google Earth ‘Places’ menu.

Get Started

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Download and Install Google Earth 5 if you haven’t already from
  2. Create a starter query at the Maplify YouTube Map Search Page
  3. Get your Google Earth network link by clicking the ‘Get Google Earth File’ button
  4. Open the network link in Google Earth and browse away

To change your keywords in Google Earth, just click on the ‘Maplify YouTube Query Control’ link in your Google Earth places menu, update your keywords, and move the map to refresh the query.

When moving the map, the YouTube layer will update roughly 5 seconds after you’ve stopped moving or zooming.

3 Responses to “Interactive YouTube Search within Google Earth”

  1. Matt says:

    This is good stuff. Is there any possibility on posting a tutorial on creating these tools?

  2. Maplify says:

    We’re considering it. Subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll know when it’s posted.

    - Virgil

  3. Matt says:

    Already subscribed! Hoping you’ll do it…

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