Building Advanced 3D Geographical Applications for the Web with the Google Earth API

By Roman Nurik from the Google team.  

This is the final geo session for Google I/O 2009.  Links for Roman’s presentation can be found HERE

As Roman pointed out, this marks the 1 year anniversary of the Google Earth API.  New features over the last year include:

  • Mac Support
  • KML Tour Playback
  • Underwater Terrain
  • Mars mode
  • Enterprise server connectivity
  • Over 80 samples in the demo gallery

Roman introduced ‘My Earth’ a mashup of the new Google MyMaps Data API and the Google Earth API.

MyEarth MyMaps on Google Earth API







To support the app, he’s released new Earth API open source libraries:

  1. geojs which provides common geo math and geometries
  2. earth-api-utility-library (GEarthExtensions)
  • creates KML objects via ‘JSONic’ methods
  • new methods for feature by id, dom walk, and ‘clear’ features
  • Animations/effects framework
  • 1-line draggable placemarks and line strings
  • Screen overlay ‘Buttons’ including a control set like MyMaps geometry editing
  • Apache 2.0 License

Other Recent Developments G_SATELLITE_3D_MAP has been upgraded significantly:

  • all KML features supported in ggeoXML will now transer to the Earth mode
  • it appears that javascript based updates to ggeoXML now propagate to the Earth mode
  • 3D objects within KML called by ggeoXML will now show in Earth mode even though don’t in the 2D modes
  • switches to and from the Earth mode now include nicer animations in tilt and rotation

All in all a great session with some fun new tools!

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